Selasa, 27 Mac 2012


I love my mother and father. I never feel ashamed to hug and kiss them every time we meet. Furthermore being apart really gives me a great lesson on how important my parents in my life. Most of the youths feel ashamed when their mother kiss and hug them in front of public. They feel like being threatened as a childish and not suitable for their teenage identity. Nevertheless, it is not for me. For me, I feel proud and safe when my mother hugs me. In my life, one of my missions is to make my parents happy with me. If I could, I would like to put a smile on my parent’s faces every day. My parent is my priority and they are the number one for me.There is no one in this world can replace my parents. Some people are asking, in our life who is actually the real and best role model? Is it the parents? In my verdict, I agree that parents are the best role model because they are the most persons who are the closest to their children and parents can give significant effect on children life.

Parents are the first human contact in every human life. Some says when we are still a baby, we are unable to do anything without a help from other human. We are dependent to every human around us. During that period, our parents are the human that always helps us. In addition, before we knew our God, we think that our parent is our God. This is because parents are the most persons who are the closest to us. That is why it is important to become a good parent because they can easily influence their children. The children will just follow what their parent ask or do. If it is good they will follow the good one, but if it is bad the children will follow the bad one. Even in animal world, their infants will easily mimicking their parents because their parents are the one who are the closest with them. In Islam, it is common about a quote that says “Children are like a white cloth, and it depends on their parents on how to color and shape them”. It is depicted that the parents are really important in the institution of family because the parents will determine how their children will behave in the future.

Parents can give significant effect in their children's lives because their behavior in the future will be determined on how their parents raise them. It is important for the parents to give love, education and raise their children because it will shape on how their future would look like. There is a story about an education officer whose father is a drug addict. One day, the police came to the education officer and told him that his father is in jail because of drug. He condemns and humiliates the father of the education officer. The education officer said “Do not humiliate my father but you can humiliate my grandfather. At least my father makes me as an education officer but my grandfather makes my father as a drug addict.” Based on the short story we can see that how the parents influence the life of their children. That is why it is important to become a good parent so we can become the best role model for our children.

In a nutshell, role model is someone who we really admired and we would like to follow every step that the persons do. For many children, parents are the best role model for them. Hence, it is important for the parents to show the good example to their children. For me, giving an attention and love is really important to stabilize and uphold a family. Without love it is difficult for the parents to approach and advice their children when they grow up. Last but not least, be a good parent so that you can be the best role model to your children. Thank you.

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