Khamis, 1 Mac 2012

Latest English Assignment

1. My favourite Films:
  • Upin Ipin Geng (miss my childhood moment)external image 3115600171_819f289490_s.jpg

  • Sherlock Holmes 1, 2 (hilarious detective)external image 3116426472_bd9121bfd8_s.jpg
  • Kungfu Panda 1,2 ( The panda was so cute(like me........maybe)external image 3115600381_80a1f14fba_s.jpg

2. The worst film:
  • Twillight The breaking Dawn ( human fall in love with vampire? not a good idea external image 3116425872_f62d546084_s.jpg

  • Ombak Rindu ( Malay @ Muslim erotic movie , ultimately not a good idea or should be worse idea)external image 3116426540_ba970a1a80_s.jpg

3. The worst actor or actress :
  • Justin Bieber (Never say never movie)(Nothing to say) external image 3116426442_06090e301a_s.jpg (to JB Fan = external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT8o2iDNj-ItxZRQK7FxNTqEntYFuzMuLGh41cIeew12pcXe3pnhw) (just kidding)

I would like to write briefly about my favourite film entitled "A Beautiful Mind". "A Beautiful Mind" was inspired from a true story of genius professor namely Prof. John Nash. Prof. Nash was a Nobel Laureate in Economic. The story begin with Prof. Nash was taking scholarship of mathematics . He was well-known because of his talent and genius mind. One day he was offered by Pentagon to work with them. After a few years Prof Nash was finished his task with Pentagon. However, he actually suffered from a disease that is schizophrenia. Scizhophrenia is a disease where the patient experience a worst hallucination. He can feel everything that happened around him was true eventhough it is not. The disease made him believe that the Pentagon still call him for a work. One day, her wife realize about it and Prof. Nash was sent to the psychiatric hospital. At there he undergo a painful treatment. After a few years, Prof. Nash was sent home. However, the side effect of the treatment made him loss his confident. After a few months, the disease came back to Prof. Nash. He still believe that the Pentagon are calling him for duty. After a while then he realize that it was only his imagination. Prof. Nash came back to the university to become a lecturer. From it he can gain his level of self-confident. After a few months, Prof. Nash was received his Noble Award because of his research and until now his imagination still follow him eventhough he knew it was fake.

p/s: sorry for the late submission madam external image 3116426108_99a122cb9d_s.jpg.... Happy Holiday and see you later wassalam.external image 3115600267_c8e52d7cee_s.jpg... Please pray for our examination... InsyaAllah we'll study hard external image 3116428128_99f87eb55c_s.jpg and smart for our exam. There's lot hectic moment will be after thisexternal image 3115601539_bb6e9096ba_s.jpg. But insyaAllah we'll try our level best external image 3116426944_1c92caa730_s.jpg to succeed in our life external image 3116426356_ef17eca191_s.jpg. or if not nauzubillah we failed external image 3115601555_6e8fd9a670_s.jpg. By the way , I hope you'll enjoy with those picture and not annoyed with it external image 3115602109_f86321c8e2_s.jpg.. Assalamualaikum external image 3115601763_18fb1f5cdc_s.jpg

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