Khamis, 1 Mac 2012

Social Networking

Social networking has brought a new life style in this era. For example Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. Those are the social networking sites that are most well-known nowadays. How do they change our social life? 10 years ago maybe we asked for an e-mail address , home address or phone number from our friends so that we can contact them but today we just ask for Facebook account, Twitter account or other social networking sites account. In addition, the new social life-style makes us easy to communicate with each other. However it is a question that the social networking sites are really improving a young person’s life or serve as a substitute for a real social life. In my opinion, I believe that in spite of the social networking change our life style, it only serves as a fill-in method for a real social life and not improving them because social networking sites make people addicted with it and it also distance us from a real relationship.

It is inevitable to say that social networking sites are addicting. Many people will agree with it. The research has been done and show that in average a person spends at least 10 hours per day to surf into their social networking sites. Consequently, it will reduce our productivity as workers or students. Many problems can be related with social networking sites. For example, many companies or government departments in the whole world demand that they worker are spending their time to surf social network sites during the working periods.Some company take their action by blocking the social networking sites so their worker unable to access into it. In addition, they are also surfing the social networking until late night. This will affect their health because they are lacking of their sleep.

Secondly , social networking apart us from a real relationship. What I mean by real relationship is the friend that we got in the internet is only a digital friend. We only meet them frequently in the cyberspace but less in the real world. According to the research, the social network has pronounced more introvert person rather than extrovert. The social network avoids them from the society. They might fluently write and post in the internet but in the real world they are speechless because lacking of communicating skills. It makes our young generation more passive and most likely loved to be alone and avoiding outdoor activities.

In a nutshell, despite of the social networking has changed our life-style, it also brings more negative effects such as reducing our productivity of life and avoiding us from the society. However the social networking will be an ideal way of communicating only if we use it wisely such as surfing at the appropriate time and set a time limit for us to surf social networking sites. Only the hand of the captain of the boat can determine which way the boat will go. The same thing happens to us. If we use it wisely it will be good or the opposite.

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

i do agreed about most of what you wrote but the social networking may give us more productivity life and that's come from the new informations you get from it , from different people and that depend on you.

prof amir berkata...

yes i know....everything has contra n contrast , yin and yang.....and it's depend on us which way we choose to go through