Jumaat, 13 September 2013

But she's different......

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

I met a girl better than you...trust me... so how i'll describe her to you...here it comes...don't get jealous but try to be like her...

           Seeing her being likeable by all people in her circle, hearing good things(almost everything!) about her from every people who knows her, with her personality who always seems to be happy and making people around her happy with her presences makes you wonder , "Who is this girl?"
            Glaring at her once, you might say,"She seems normal, just like other ordinary Muslim women." She prays five times a day, just like others, like you, like me. . Ok... her hijab??? urmm ...she wears proper hijab; loose and modest clothing, she covers herself well , just like many others, perhaps like you. Her friends- She seems making friends with everyone...ok not a big deal! But after spending more time with her , you came to learn more about her. You came to learn one beautiful thing about her which distinguishes her from other ordinary Muslim girls, or to be specific, differ from you..
            HER AKHLAQ! It's her beautiful manners makes her different. It's her beautiful heart, beautiful soul attract you most.... You have met many Muslim women but and again she's different.....She's always happy . And she makes you feel happy too. You wonder why. Why you feel different in her company? Why do you feel so peaceful and tranquil being in her presence?
            Now you start to understand why? She may seem to be ordinary on the outside , but from inside SubhanAllah she is extraordinary. She's a girl who tastes the joy of Faith. True indeed, "Verily , in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest..." (Ar-Rad:28) . She observes her duties as a believing woman to her Lord well. So does her toward HIS creations.
           She's kind, nice, friendly and generous to all her sisters. She observes her speech. She tries best not to lie even when she's joking nor she backbites. She speaks nothing except what's good and beneficial. She observes her action , not to be hasty nor does she want to act foolishly. She think wisely before acts.
           Then you realize , every single moment you spend with her increase you in knowledge , good deeds and most importantly-your faith, my faith. Above all these , you learn that the only thing which drives her to be as such is only simple concern: "Is Allah pleased with me? Is Allah happy with me?
            Now you wonder why you can't be like her. Ukhti , you have the answer. Anyway, actually you can be like her. Yes you can. All you have to do is just start being one. Set the right intention - to please Allah alone. Then strive to do things (in your utmost capability) which please Allah most
            KNOW THIS: What please Allah will please others whom HE is please with as they are pleasing HIM too.....
          So start today. Don't Delay
           I know you can do it. By the way I found this article at IIUM Shah Mosque's articles which match to the girl that i found recently. Hope you learn something from it ya ukhti... Till we meet again.. Wassalam

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