Ahad, 24 Jun 2012

Minimum age of Retirement: point of view

                       Time is always moving. So is our age. Every second we are getting older and older. During the time from we are born until we are at the age of 45 , we are growing up. Our body are growing bigger and bigger. Nevertheless, above the age of 45 our body growing process start to damper.  In scientific term it is called negative growth or literally our body start to growing down. Our movement is not as energetic as we are at the young age. Hence, at the age of 50 and above the employees start to think about retirement so that they can have rest at home. The matter of discussion is at what at do people should be encouraged to retire from their work ? In my verdict , I believe that the minimum age for people to retire from their work is 60 . This is because during that age they start to get weak in term of energy and they will usally have many healrh problems that require them to have enough rest and happier life.
                            When we are at the stage of negative growth our body cells start to shrink. The amount of oxygen move throughout our body will become less than usual. Consequently , we are not as energetic as before and we become weaker and weaker. As for employees, they will feel their lives very hectic than ever during this stage eventhough they are well-verse with their job. Hence , their productivity of their job will decrease proportionally with time. It is advisable for them to retire at this age so that the company or department can save their budget and maintain their productivity.

                            Another fact about the stage of negative growth is the person will easily get a disease . This is because the immune system of our body will also weak as the body cell start to shrink . All of the diseases for example high blood pressure , diabetes, and alzheimer can easily strike us . Hence, for the employees they need to have enough rest to cope with health problems. In fact, if they still continue to work , they will put a burden to other people to take care of them because they often get sick during their work.\

                               In conclusion, the minimum age of retirement is 60. All employees should retire from their work when they reach at this age. The main reason is their physical does not allow them to continue their work. However , we must bear in mind that though our physical are getting weaker and weaker, it does not happen to our mental. Old people are popular with their wise thinking. They have well-versed with this life . So my advice is, after we retire from our job we must volunteer ourselves  to be teachers to the younger  generations. Although we cannot help our country physically but we can help them with our mental. Thank You.

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